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Elze ([personal profile] elze) wrote2011-12-16 10:06 pm

How your clothes may be saying yes to drugs

Not long ago it was an anti-drug week at Erika's elementary school. Every day of the week the students were supposed to make an anti-drug statement with visual aids, including their clothes. What, you ask, were they told to stop wearing gang attributes to school? Even their hemp-promoting t-shirts? Nooo. They were supposed to wear mismatched socks. Why? Don't you see -- it's like saying "sock it" to drugs. Makes perfect sense, right? Then again, it makes only marginally less sense than some things adults do, like running a 10K race "against" a disease. Well, at least those races also raise funds. So that makes it logical, I know.

Anyway, back then I just shrugged and forgot about it. Some time later I asked Erika not to wear red shirt with a green jacket because they clash. She replied: "If you wear matching clothes, you like drugs!"

I guess we'll have to work with her on the basics of logic: A -> B does NOT mean B -> A. A discussion of whether teacher's words should be taken with a grain of salt may also be due soon.